QF 120mm Mk VIII naval gun

The QF 4.7 (120 mm) inch Gun Mark VIII was a British naval anti-aircraft gun designed in the 1920s for the Royal Navy. This was the largest caliber fixed ammunition gun ever in service in the RN, though the round was considerably shorter and lighter than the round for the QF 4.5-inch Mk I – V naval gun. It was carried in powered HA XII mountings on the two Nelson-class battleships, two of the three Courageous-class aircraft carriers, the minelayer HMS Adventure, and the Australian seaplane tender HMAS Albatross.

3D MODEL GENERAL INFO The model was created based on blueprints, photos and historical documentation. It was created with precision in detail and in real units of measurement to be a faithful digital reproduction of the original. The object has been modeled in Lightwave and finished and texturized in 3DCoat.

LIGHTWAVE 2018 - The model comes with a simple Lightwave 2018 setup scene to animate pitch and heading rotation.

OBJ and FBX - model with UV maps. You may need to reassign textures when open the files with different software.

BLENDER 2.79 - UV model with uv material assigned

The object has two UV maps, each one with color, normal, roughness, metalness and specular textures (10 x 4K texture maps in total)

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QF 4.7-inch Mk VIII naval gun LW
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QF 4.7-inch Mk VIII naval gun UV OBJ
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QF 4.7-inch Mk VIII naval gun
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QF 4.7-inch Mk VIII naval gun
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