GRUMMAN F2F-1 US Marines 1937

GRUMMAN F2F-1 No.9997

Color scheme: US Marines 1937

OVERVIEW - The Grumman F2F was a single-engine, biplane fighter aircraft with retractable undercarriage, serving as the standard fighter for the United States Navy between 1936 and 1940. It was designed for both carrier- and land-based operations.

3D MODEL GENERAL INFO - High detailed 3d model. It has detailed exterior, engine, cockpit with seat, commands and instruments panel. The model was created based on historical plans and documentation. 4K UV textures included

LIGHTWAVE and BLENDER - The scene includes a basic setup to control each movable part, such as ailerons, rudder, elevators, propeller, cockpit hood and landing gears. Original model with materials and UV mapped model included

OBJ - UV mapped. If you need to animate the airplane you have to make your own setup according to the 3d software you are using. You may need to reassign uv textures when open the files with different software.

FBX - File exported with Blender. Rig, landing gear animation and materials data included. You may need to reassign textures depending on your download folder name. 

UNREAL ENGINE 5.1 - Basic skeleton set up, pbr materials assigned and landing gear animation ready.

In any case the object has three UV maps (fuselage, wings and parts). To reassign textures you only have to load texture maps and assign each of them to the respective channel

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Files update

Unreal Engine 5.1 asset added

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