Motorboat WW2 Italian Navy


This motorboat was supplied to the Italian battleships of the Littorio class during the Second World War

GENERAL INFO The model was created based on blueprints, photos and historical documentation. It was created with precision in detail and in real units of measurement to be a faithful digital reproduction of the original. It was modeled with Lightwave, finished end texturized with 3DCoat. Scene and model are compatible starting from Lightwave 11.x and Blender 2.79

LW Lightwave archive includes the model with UV map and textures (plus the original quads-poly object without UV mapping and textures)

OBJ This file format has been exported with Lightwave (UV mapped object plus original unmapped quads-poly object)

BLENDER Blender archive include a basic Cycles PBR texture setup

The textures are in the Lightwave images subfolder, Each texture is 8K

Texture included: Color Ambient occlusion Specular Glossiness Transparency Roughness Normal map

For any difficult or question I am always available to give you assistance.

I would be very grateful if any of my models could help you to do a great job.

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